Incredible Beans Mom & Baby, Sweetory Almond Chocoballs,

Sweetory Sunflower Seed Chocoballs

Sweetory Stone Chocolate, Sweetory Mixed Chocoballs,

Sweetory Super Sour Gum

Sweetory Anti-Drowsiness Gum, Victoria Sparkling Water

(natural lime, natural lemon)

Incredible/Good Beans Plain, CrazBite (original, sour cream & onion)

Three aloe and five fruit juice products designated for export only
It’s BABA Canned Coffee, Energy Up! Taurine 3000,

Grateful Nature Mediterranean Juice (orange, grape)

Grateful Nature Daily (broccoli, red cabbage)
Incredible/Good Beans Black Beans, Maca D for Men,

Grateful Nature Well-Grown Organic, Grateful Nature 170 Days Pear

Jangkoesam Ginseng Fruit Sil

Raspberry D, Balsam Kiplus Apple
Fermented red ginseng brand Jangkoesam renewed
Balsam Kiplus Orange
Fermented red ginseng brand Balsam launched
(Fermented Red Ginseng liquid/essence/sprouts,

Fermented Red Ginseng Junior, Fermented Red Ginseng Pills Gold, etc.)

Morning Rice Black Rice, Aqua Coco, Balanced Buckwheat Tea,

Organic Sky Barley

Coffee brand BABA renewed; two canned NB products released
Grateful Nature Fresh-ful (aloe, tomato)
CocoMong (strawberry, apple, grape)

Hot Bongdary (Vin Chaud, grapefruit)
Woongjin Aloe Gel
Energy Drink Rockstar
Red Ginseng Honey D, Oriental Raisin Tree tea Honey D
Grateful Nature Multi V
Barley soda Tok
Non-alcohol cocktail Bongdary
Grateful Nature Pure Blueberry
Whole Black Soy Milk(soft)
Green Plum limited edition
Vitality Red Ginseng
Tasty Vinegar Drink Pomegranate, Tasty Vinegar Drink Black Raspberry
Morning Sunshine Kongryubogam
Grateful Nature 180days Cranberry
Red Ginseng Oriental Raisin Tree Tea
Grateful Nature 140days White grape

Grateful Nature Probiotic Orange Juice, Grateful Nature Probiotic Apple Juice
Baba Coffee Caramel Affogato, “Baba Coffee Skiny Cafe latte”
Whole Soy Milk(soft)
Baba Coffee Americano, Baba Coffee Cafe mocha, Baba Coffee Vanilla Latte,

Baba Coffee Irish Latte

Barley soda Sky Barley Tok
Coffee on Baba Hazelnut

Honey Quince Pear
Tasty Cho Pomegranate and Tasty Cho Korean Black Raspberry
Morning Rice children’s cereal Cacao Ring and Caramel Ring
Vital+ Apple and Carrot, Vital+ Grapefruit and Blueberry
O’Clock Sparkling Tomato, Aloe
Full of Life Orange, Full of Life Grape
Hollys Coffee On Baba Signature Rich Latte
Incredible Beans Black

Jangkoesam Children’s Red Ginseng King
Morning Rice Brown Rice & 7 Grains, Morning Rice Grains, Fruit & Vegetable
Children’s drinks Grateful Nature Teun-teun, Grateful Nature Seul-ki
Hollys Coffee On Baba
Jangkoesam Ginseng Roots Containing Fermented Red Ginseng, Red Ginseng
Roots Containing Fermented Red Ginseng, Incredible Beans soy milk

Woongjin Korean Black Raspberry
Grateful Nature 170 Days Apple
Grateful Nature Sugar-free Orange, Grateful Nature Sugar-free Grape
Five Grain Nurungji
Corn Tea

Grateful Nature 365 Days Orange 100
Grateful Nature 130 Days Jeju Carrot
Grateful Nature 210 Days Jeju Mandarin, Grateful Nature 90 Days Tomato
Grateful Nature 790 Days Aloe, Grateful Nature 140 Days Grape

Green Plum upgraded to New Green Plum
You and C

Woongjin Honey & Red Ginseng
Chorongi Green Plum

Sky Barley

Green Plum
Morning Rice

Jujube Juice